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EXPERT MIND Group won 1st place in The Top of Accountancy Companies of Iasi. It provides complete services in multiple fields: accountancy, human resources, financial consultancy and business start-up services for various judicial entities: Authorized Physical Person (PFA), Romania Limited Liability Company (S.R.L and S.R.L.-D), The Individual Enterprise (II), Associations and Foundations.

With over 11 years of experience and 80 accountancy expertise, human resources, audit and judicial services, EXPERT MIND’ company brings value on Iasi market thanks to consultancy and to competent informational support for its partners. Thus, entrepreneurs can take relevant decisions for both of company optimisation and development.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to support the sustainable development of business environment and generally, of entrepreneurs. The team members are accountancy experts, CECCAR members, auditors, CAFR members, human resources inspectors and experienced economists. We are dedicated professionals in our specific activity.
Always preoccupied about professional development, Expert Minds experts gives our clients innovative solutions tightly correlated with actuals market requests.

Why work with us?

Because working with us gives you many advantages: you work with a specialized firm in accountancy, so you learn and gain experience from the best! Besides, we are a trustworthy company that provides its clients with a large range of accountancy premium services oriented towards financial solutions for all problems and personalized packages which will meet all accountancy business requests.
Irrespective of company size or the industry, we allow the necessary time for understanding the company mechanisms and we adapt to our client’s working style.

The best 10 reasons to work with us!

When you start a collaboration, you need good reasons to do it, but when your business success, depends on this, you need the best reasons. We are giving you 10. The best 10 reasons to work with EXPERT MIND!

Time efficiency in basic activities’ management.

Minimising the risks in case of financial controls.

We are informed about legal news and regulations.

For each activity field we have expert counsellors dedicated and very well informed.

We understand the bureaucracy and we keep you away from it, so you can easily lead your business.

We send to your office accountancy specialists and we collaborate real-time.

We provide personalized services, complex and complete. We give you innovative solutions optimising the costs.

We provide externalized services at your headquarters and we can reorganize accountancy departments.

We grant you solutions for accountancy departments’ efficiency.

We use specific programmes such as WinMentor, Pioneer and Saga.

Main services

Contabilitate EXPERT MIND


A clear snapshot of your accountancy situation gives you comfort and opportunities for risks-free investments.

We are the team you need, regardless the actual situation of your company, the company age, the activity sphere or the number of employees, because that’s our speciality for over 11 years.

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Pin a company, workforce implies difficult situations and complex processes. In this case, outsourcing is the solution! Outsourcing means saving money, focusing on the firm development and on the human capital. At the same time this allows you to have an accurate situation of the staff.

Consultanta EXPERT MIND


It is crucial in the business environment to understand what you are doing well and how you can grow your firm safely. Financial and judicial consultancy, as well as human resources management services imply an excellent understanding of legal frameworks and customer guidance. This context permits you to grow your business and to make risks-free investments.

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Save time, energy and money – an expert at your disposal, right from the very beginning! All the services your company needs, you will find in a single place in optimised and special packages, from the starting it up, changes implementation and consultancy until the closing of the firm.


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