Each business is different with
specific requirements. We provide
you with strategic consultancy!


Tax advice and financial-accounting consultancy

As an entrepreneur as well as a business administrator, it is important for you to understand what you are doing well and how you can grow your firm safely. EXPERT MIND tax advice and financial consultancy activity assume an excellent understanding of legal framework and customer guidance. This context allows you to grow your company and to make risks-free investments.

When you have an entire team of specialists that guides your management activity, you can be confident in your business! In the financial-accounting field the legal news and regulations require understanding, tracking and application on the specifics of the business in a limited time. This is where specialized consulting team EXPERT MIND comes in!

We communicate using a simple and clear language, being always available and helping you to successfully manage all difficult situations.


EXPERT MIND supports and assists you actively in developing your business by offering financial-accounting consultancy through subscription or meeting.

This form of access to our services is specially optimized for you to get exactly what you need.


EXPERT MIND solutions are designed to give you flexibility to choose the service that best suits your business needs. Depending on the specific needs, we designate a person or a team , for the best results.


  • Support and assistance during tax audits and inspections
  • Information on local taxes and duties: general rules, tax calculation, payment deadlines, declarations, building and land taxes, transportation tax, other local taxes and fees.


You will receive all the services below to better understand the legal framework and to successfully overcome any difficulties:

  • Consultancy on taxes and financial-accounting legislation
  • Regular information on legislative changes
  • Optimization of taxes and fees to local and central budgets
  • Financial and fiscal advice on making managerial or executive decisions
  • Consultancy and management assistance regarding the organization of the accounting department
  • Assistance in accounting, tax and social issues, permanently updated according to legal changes
  • Consultancy and guidance for preparing the manual of accounting procedures specific to each entity
  • Consultancy for preparing documentation for obtaining loans and leases

Identifying fiscal risks and opportunities – advantages and disadvantages in being or not being a payer of VAT / VAT refund / profit tax / income tax – solutions.

Contact us online for complete financial, managerial and legal consulting services to guide you in substantiating future investments and development plans in a perfectly legal framework, as well as overcoming usual difficulties.