Debt collection

Do you have a contract which was not respected or invoices due paid-off? There are solutions and one of them is to collaborate with us! Our debt collection service makes the debtors pay you debts paid-off with all interests, increases and penalties related.

Our advice is not to remain with money blocked and we invite you to discuss your situation. Reach out to EXPERT MIND for debts collection!

We don’t accept fee debt collection, just a tax of 300 RON +VAT for file analyses. The fee for this service is a percentage of the debts, only if the case is a successful one. We call it the successful fee and it will be paid after the collection process is finished.

We think that in business, prudence is essential, so if you sign a collaboration with us we can stipulate in the future contracts with your partners that they will pay the debt collection fee to our department if they don’t respect the contract agreement.

In this way our services will be paid directly by the debtor, without minimising the amount you have to recover.


Pentru calcularea comisionului de succes, poti folosi calculatorul pentru recuperarea creantelor, urmand pasii sai simpli: completeaza doar suma datorata si perioada scadentei.


Creanta/Debit (lei):


Due to our Romanian low, if a debtor doesn’t pay his debt at the due-date, the creditor can initiate a procedure on the court for recovering his debt, in a prescription term of 3 years.

The procedures that the creditor can initiate are the following:

  • The procedure provided by the common low governing
  • Urgent procedures: Payment Order (O.G. no. 5/2001) and Payment Ordinance (O.U.G. no.119/2007)
  • The Insolvency procedure (Low no.85/2006)


  • Stamp tax, judicial stamp and drafting acts in case of Payment Order = 180 RON
  • Stamp tax, judicial stamp and drafting acts in case of bankruptcy or dissolution of the debtor companies = 300 Ron
  • At the end, the EXCLUSIVE commission from the recovered amount. For the calculation you can use the calculator above, writing the sum and the due-date


  • Judicial consultancy regarding the way of debt recovery, analyse of debt collection, evaluation of recovery chases, election of the best recovery strategy, evaluation of debts collection costs
  • Specialized judicial assistance regarding of notifications, debts settlement agreements, appeals requests, legal representation in court or in case of enforcement

Based on the provided documents it is possible also to request other inscriptions or proofs needed for solving the case.

After documents are analysed it can be appreciated if a quick approach of debt collection (in this case we will use only inscriptions like proofs and the stamp tax is 200/file) if appropriate or if a more ample request is necessary – action claims which assume an ample evidentiary (in this case the stamp tax is the debit value).